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About Cantera Stone

What To Know

Cantera Stone is a quarried, volcanic rock that is mined exclusively in various regions of Mexico and Central America. Its name derives from Spain, as the Spanish word for quarry is Canterra. Canterra stone has unique properties in that it offers color, texture, durability, and a softness that allows for detailed carving and cutting. 

You'll find Canterra used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, and custom homes throughout the world. Cantera comes in a myriad of natural colors and tones, and its texture is truly beautiful. It offers unique inclusions and color flecks, making its authenticity easy to see, and it gives a natural, eternal feel. 

Cantera is durable, and has stood the test of time for centuries in many cathedrals, haciendas and other buildings throughout Latin America.

The stone's color may vary depending on the impurities present in the stone of a particular region. The cantera notably used in many of the buildings, walls, and roads of Mexico is a distinct green color.

This rock is formed by volcanic ash and dust. The ash is washed into a silt bed and combined with the lava, dirt and stone on the ground already. This combination makes Cantera a porous and lightweight stone.

This stone is typically used by many architects and landscapers. Some examples of use are: tables, fireplaces, wall tiles, pool areas, columns, etc. A unique quality of the stone is that it absorbs air and humidly without causing expansion. Which means the stone can take a lot of moisture and humidity which is perfect for any outdoor or wet space.

Beautiful Cantera is a natural stone like none other. It's name is Spanish for "Quarry" as it is quarried from volcanic rock. This stone takes on various earth-tone colors including black, tan, brown and re. Cantera can also displays specs of colored stone that occur naturally within the formation of this lightweight and very porous stone.

Cantera floors, counter and fixtures offers owners a nostalgic piece of history. Cantera is found in historic sculptures and artifacts dating back to the 1600s. Today there are Contera stone floors, landscaping, fountains, fireplaces and trim molding. Blue Moon Stone Care is well equipped with certified Technicians to provide phenomenal natural stone care services that can properly maintain your Cantera natural stone.

Cantera Stone Cleaning

The expertise of Blue Moon Stone Care can be relied upon to safely clean your Cantera floors, countertops and fixtures. We have a specialized process that uses eco-friendly products, without harming Cantera and secondary surfaces. We gently remove soiling from Cantera to reveal the beauty of this natural stone.

Cantera Stone Sealing

Due to its porosity, which is the stone's ability to absorb liquids, Cantera is rarely found in kitchens. Impeding bacterial growth is challenging as its porosity discourages full penetration of sealant. Blue Moon can be called on a regular basis to properly maintain Cantera floors and countertops.

Cantera Stone Polishing

Cantera natural stone is so porous that it cannot be polished. Owners of Cantera floors and countertops enjoy the unique qualities of this natural stone and appreciate the warmth that exudes from its charm. Blue Moon's Stone Care professionals are experts in our field and understand the uniqueness of Cantera.

Cantera Stone Honing

At Blue Moon our Technicians understand that Cantera should only be lightly honed to bring out its natural beauty. Careful attention to how this natural stone reacts under honing conditions is critical to providing a favorable outcome. We strive for perfection!

Cantera Stone Stripping

Stripping Cantera floors of a topcoat can be a huge undertaking and is a job for professionals. Blue Moon is a leading expert in the care of natural stone. We will strip your Cantera floors with the expertise our marketplace has come to appreciate.

Cantera Stone Repair

Our natural stone repair is meticulous and deliberate to ensure the best results. Our customers never have to worry about a rushed job or uncaring Technicians. We perform natural stone repairs with the highest level of integrity. Our natural stone repair can help to restore the natural beauty of Cantera.


Cantera Cleaning & Sealing


Cantera Wall Interior


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