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Blue Moon's Odor Removal/Odor Control


Blue Moon's 4-Pronged Approach

Blue Moon follows a strict 4-pronged regimen for removing and controlling unwanted odors. We follow this regimen because it works and there is no better alternative. 

1. Odor Source Identification & Removal

Everyone knows you cannot eliminate odor without first removing the source. Spraying deodorizer might help mask the odor for a short period of time, but the odor will likely resurface once the deodorizer's scent has worn off and the source is reactivated. Blue Moon technicians begin any odor control assignment with a fiercely-determined search for the root cause of the smelly disturbance.

2. Cleaning of Contaminated Areas (Surfaces)

Blue Moon technicians are trained to physically remove and clean residues using proper, surface-appropriate washing agents and solvents. We are well-versed in addressing many different types of residues including nicotine residues, protein cook-down residues, and grease fire residues. At our disposal we have an army of different deodorizing chemical options, such as deodorant blocks, granules, dry solvent-based deodorants, registered disinfectants, enzyme deodorizers, ozone gas, and more. Our goal is to remedy the situation without causing secondary unintended harm or damage. We use whatever tool is best-called-for given the situation at hand.  

3. Re-creation Of Odor Causing Conditions

Before Blue Moon's job is completed and our techs have departed your property, you want to feel confident that the odor wont resurface after we're gone. We seek to provide the assurance you need by re-creating the conditions that caused the odor in the first place.  No, we don't throw a dead animal behind a wall, or pour a bucket-full of bodily fluid on your carpet. We try to replicate the atmospheric conditions that existed before you called us. For example, we might apply a heat source to the impacted surface as a test to see if the odor is reactivated. We have a number of tests and tools at our disposal, including appropriate counter-actants and deodorization equipment or applications to help reach effective penetration levels (ie: spray applications, fogging with water-based or dry solvent-based agents, oxidization with ozone or hydroxyl, and vapor diffusion).  Before we leave your property, we seek to rest you assured that our treatment has worked.

4. Sealing or Encapsulation (if necessary)

If the results are limited after removing an odor source and cleansing the impacted surface area, then Blue Moon techs move onto sealing or encapsulating the impacted area using appropriate sealing agents (ie. clear alcohol-based shellacs and acrylic sealants). 

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Six Traits of a Blue Moon Professional


  • We seek to provide you with a firm belief in our ability to satisfy and meet your need. From the moment our professionals first greet you to the final handshake, you can trust our company will take great care of you.


  • In reviewing candidates for employment at Blue Moon, we focus heavily on identifying those who posses a set of principles, work ethic, and moral compass. Our people are the foundation of our value to you. 


  • Honesty and integrity are essential traits of our professionals. We insist that our employees always answer questions clearly, truthfully and respectfully.  


  • The quality of our company is in direct proportion to the commitment to excellence among our professionals. Our passion for what we do daily for our clients is what drives us.


  • Blue Moon professionals strive for consistently high marks from clients. This consistency means we bring an unmatched level of performance reliability.   


  • It's part of the fabric of our company. We put ourselves in the shoes of our client. We stop and ask, "how would you feel if...?" We preach to our employees, "don't just do a good job, deliver a great experience."

About Us

Our History

Based in Los Angeles, Blue Moon began in the late 1990s when the company cleaned and restored filming sets, studios, and similar property locations. The company later expanded its client base and added related component services.

Our Commitment

Our company is committed to the complete satisfaction of its clients and customers. We use "team cross-checks" and various other quality assurance controls so Blue Moon ensures your project is completed with the utmost concern for safety and quality, 

Our Mission

Life Disrupted. Life Restored.

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