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Here's What You Should know About Limestone

Limestone is a natural stone product that is cut into slabs and is generally  used for flooring. It is a sedimentary rock that primarily consists of calcium carbonate and sometimes things like corals. Limestone flooring comes in a variety of shades, textures and colors.

In terms of beauty, few things match the stunning elegance and appearance of natural stone, and limestone is no exception. It also only requires a medium amount of maintenance, mainly in cleaning and in repairing deep scratches.

There are many advantages of limestone floors. Limestone offers an earthy, rustic and timeless look to meet the needs of any home. It also delivers mostly low maintenance upkeep. When you compare cost and value of other natural stone products, it is hard to argue that there is a better stone flooring option than limestone. With its natural look, it matches nearly all furniture and décor in a room. It also makes for a great flooring option for warm rooms, as it adjusts to varying temperatures quite well – delivering a good feeling on the feet in a cold room, and soothing coolness in a warm room.  With proper maintenance, limestone has the potential to last many decades.

Like any porous material, however, limestone has its drawbacks, the biggest of which is that it is a slightly soft stone, which makes it susceptible to some damage. Scratches are easily repaired, and due to the earthy tones are hidden very well. You should also be aware that limestone should generally be sealed to prevent any stains from entering the porous nature of the stone.

The cost of maintaining limestone floors is much less than other natural stone products which makes it ideal for someone seeking the beauty of stone and an introductory price. The cost of limestone including installation can be about 50% that of other stones like marble or granite. Also for a floor, granite is often overkill, and marble requires significant maintenance. The fact is, limestone is the perfect mix of durability, maintenance, cost and beauty.

If you are looking to invest in your home by doing a flooring upgrade, one of the first materials you should look at should be limestone. It combines many great benefits, with only minor drawbacks.

Blue Moon Stone Care has the industry experience and expertise to properly care for Limestone. We understand the nature of Limestone, how it reacts under certain conditions and how to manage the maintenance of this natural stone.

Our Technicians regularly receive extensive training to ensure that we are at the center of innovations for efficiency in cleaning natural stone. Our capable team uses cutting edge technology to bring you the finest in care.

Limestone Stone Cleaning

Limestone is a softer stone compared to Granite or even Marble. It is also more porous and sensitive to chemicals. Improper cleaning with harsh cleaning solutions can actually etch the surface of Limestone. Your Blue Moon Stone Care team provides expert cleaning methods to properly service floors and fixtures made from Limestone.

Limestone Stone Sealing

Both scratching as well as staining are major challenges for Limestone. It is best to seal this natural stone with a high quality acrylic sealer. At Blue Moon we use the finest sealants to address the high porosity issues associated with Limestone.

Limestone Stone Polishing

While Limestone can be polished, it cannot be polished to the high gloss that can be achieved with Granite or Marble. It is important that expectations for a polished Limestone finish are properly set prior to beginning the project. Your Blue Moon Stone Care team can provide a demonstration before beginning your project.

Limestone Stone Honing

Honing Limestone takes the experience and know-how that we provide. Our team is comprised of natural stone honing experts that know how to bring out the best in natural stone. Limestone is especially reactive to the honing process and brings out the neutral tones found in Limestone.

Limestone Stone Stripping

We take care to ensure that your Limestone is properly stripped. We use only non-toxic biodegradable solutions that will safely remove any wax or topcoat, along with grime and dirt. Our equipment will provide a deep cleaning that will scrub away unwanted coatings to reveal the natural appearance of Limestone.

Limestone Stone Repair

Dimensional natural stone such as Limestone can develop pits, cracks and chips that can be repaired. Your Blue Moon Stone team is the natural stone care expert. We can repair your Limestone. Whatever your Limestone repair challenge may be, you can trust us to provide an expert repair.


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